Pilates High Barrel
Whether you’re looking to build core strength, improve posture, or just feel more at home in your body, I can help.
Welcome to your Pilates Journey.
It’s an honor to share the road with you.

Currently teaching online only due to COVID. Come work out with me over Zoom!

In-studio private lessons for fully vaccinated individuals starting in August 2021!
Please contact me if you’re interested.


Private Pilates Lessons

In an online Private Lesson, I’ll guide you through a personalized movement program using mat work, floor work, and small props.

You’ll need a device that can run Zoom cloud meeting (laptop, phone, or tablet) and a stable Internet connection. We’ll work together to find a camera set-up that lets me observe your full-body alignment as you move.

We’re getting creative with props during quarantine, and it has been working really well! Here are some examples of props we can use during your session. If you don’t have any of them, don’t worry — we can do at TON of good work with just the mat.

Note: Links below go to Balanced Body, the main supplier of Pilates equipment, but you don’t necessarily need to buy from them.

  • Foam roller
  • Fletcher Towel (or a rolled up towel or T-shirt that we can stretch between your hands for shoulder girdle work — the less fluffy the towel, the better!)
  • Theraband (preferably a long one that you can stand on while holding both ends)
  • Pilates Magic Circle
  • Small inflatable ball
  • A chair (preferably one with a straight back and no arms, like a dining or folding chair)
  • Small hand weights (canned goods work great in a pinch — I have even had a client use cans of wine!)
  • Yoga bolster
  • Yoga block
  • Clara Step Barrel Lite (My favorite piece of small equipment for at-home work — if you want to invest in one piece of small equipment for home, I recommend this one!)

Duet Pilates Lessons

Bring a friend to your session and motivate each other!

Pilates Group Classes

In a Group Class, you’ll practice fundamentals of breath and alignment. We’ll play some movement games that help train balance, coordination, and proprioception. You’ll also explore moving with the rhythm, spirit, and flow that makes Fletcher Pilates so much fun!

I keep my Group Classes to six students or less, so I can effectively tailor them to the bodies in the room (and the Zoom room!)

Custom Classes & Workshops

I loves me a good theme party, people! Tell me about your event, and I’ll whip up a Custom Class. Perfect for bridal parties and team-building.

Or maybe you just have a group of people you like, and you wouldn’t mind doing Pilates with them on the regular? We can create a weekly Custom Group Class — like Book Club, but for your bod. Gather your people, and prepare to touch feet with them.

Workshops I currently teach:

  • Movement Games for Creativity
  • Posture from the Inside Out
  • Fletcher Pilates 101
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